We present an interesting product for people who like to actively spend time outdoors.
Small little thing that can be worn always with you and is very useful

We recommend it to anyone especially athletes.

Also useful every day.

Scarf can be worn in many ways. It can serve as a
1. scarf,
2. mask
3. cap, bandana hat,
4. balaclava,
5. mask,
6. balaclava mask,
7. wristband,
8. wristband hair ...

Material: 100% polyester microfiber
Weight 140 gm
Size: 250 mm x 500arrow-10x10.png mm
Print: sublimation

100 Pcs - 2.12 euro/netto/pc
250 Pcs
- 1.99 euro/netto/pc - the discount is added to the basket
500 Pcs - 1.85 euro/netto/pc - the discount is added to the basket

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