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reflective print

reflective print

Whether you are looking for a marking method that will increase the functionality of the garment or the industry in which you work requires increased visibility from you. In both cases, reflective marking will be a great solution!

This technique is mainly aimed at the medical sector, construction companies, road workers or other areas where the light reflection is a must.

  • What should you know about reflective paint printing?

  • 01

    It’s the best labeling method for the sectors where the reflection is a must, e.g. medicine, emergency services, construction companies, road workers or heavy industry.

  • 02

    Suitable for all types of clothing (except fleece, as its structure does not absorb textile glue)

  • 03

    Universal method that allows marking of every element of clothing

  • 04

    The light-reflecting particles contained in the paint create the so-called 'blocker', which prevents the color of the material from breaking through the logotype

  • 05

    It increases the visibility parameter of the worker or a person wearing clothing with reflective printing