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High density (hd) is a special type of paint and decoration technique that gives the garment a flock-like look. Like "puff" paints, high density (hd) marking is designed to create a three-dimensional impression.

High density screen printing is one of the most impressive marking methods. When printing with this technique, the ink rises from the fabric, providing a three-dimensional appearance unattainable by traditional methods.

Important information. Each coat of paint must be cured before the next one can be applied. Cotton or cotton-based fabrics are often the best materials for hd printing. Some inks also adhere to the sweat-wicking fabrics used in sports and dance wear.

  • What you should know about high density (hd) printing?

  • 01

    It is relatively versatile when it comes to playing with colors, finishes and textures

  • 02

    A characteristic feature of hd is the matte finish of the print

  • 03

    Because of the raised effect, hd marking may be a more profitable alternative to embroidery

  • 04

    High density printing is not always suitable for projects that contain shading or tinting

  • 05

    High density paints can be applied on traditional paints to obtain an interesting texture - the multilayer process works best for clear shapes