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The sugar technique is one of the forms of screen printing.

The technique is exactly what it sounds like. The printed graphics are "immersed" in glitter flakes that resemble sugar crystals. The sparkling elements in the ink illuminate the selected parts of a given pattern and create a multi-dimensional effect for the entire project.

  • What you should know about sugar printing technique?

  • 01

    The whole project or a selected element of the graphics is covered with a wet glue and then pressed to the layer of sugar glitter

  • 02

    It’s possible to control the quantity of applied crystals

  • 03

    It perfectly highlights the company logo, graphics, nature elements (flowers, leaves, fruit, insects), symbols, abstract elements or background on the entire fabric

  • 04

    It adds shine to every design

  • 05

    It’s a unique form of marking for all women's and children's projects