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Crystalina is a ready-to-print glossy plastisol used to create special effects when screen printing on textiles. Crystalina ink particles differ in diameter, which allows for the effect of shimmering elements on the garment.

Crystalina is made of an iridescent, translucent Mylar film. The flakes are then hung on a transparent plastisol base. The transparent base allows the sub-color to show through.

Crystalina is also known as "Yellow Sparkle". Due to the characteristic shape of the flakes, it gives the printed color a shiny, rich appearance.

  • What should you know about crystalina printing technique?

  • 01

    It adds a subtle shine to every project

  • 02

    It may be printed on the clothing as is or printed with other colors to emphasize some areas of the design.

  • 03

    Unique visual effect

  • 04

    The perfect choice for printing on children’s and women's projects

  • 05

    Can be combined with other techniques of decorating and marking