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Waterbase ink

Waterbase ink

Are you looking for a print in subdued colors? Water paint will be the best solution! Water-based paint is better absorbed into the fabric. After the ink is cured, the water-based solvents evaporate and the pigment is deposited on the fibers, leaving a delicate print.

Water-based prints are very soft and delicate to the touch. They penetrate the fabric - the print is undetectable and is characterized by high durability and quality.

  • What should you know about waterbase ink printing?

  • 01

    Waterproof printing is ecological and environmentally friendly

  • 02

    Water paints reduce the risk of irritation and allergy - the paints are hypoallergenic, odorless, non-toxic and safe for children

  • 03

    The printed fragment of the fabric is soft to the touch, the paint does not stick out of the fabric surface

  • 04

    Perfect for delicate and light clothes; if printed on dark clothes, the print may have less coverage.

  • 05

    Waterbase ink printing has better breathability than plastisol paints