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Gel screen printing involves adding a layer of "high density" gel to the top of a screen-printed t-shirt or garment, creating an amazing, decorative coating with a three-dimensional appearance.

Gel printing is one of the best ways to create a 3d effect. This transparent, three-dimensional layer of ink allows you to create special surface effects, such as water droplets.

  • What you should know about gel / gel HD printing?

  • 01

    An add-on that can really boost the design - gives the graphics or its element a glossy coat, enhances the color, emphasizes the text on the clothing

  • 02

    It is a great way to increase the durability of your project

  • 03

    Gel printing can be transparent, which will be perfect for small patterns

  • 04

    Perfect for sports teams’ wear, company logo and event t-shirts

  • 05

    Eco-friendly production process: all inks used in our printing house are phthalates-free

  • 06

    Allows to obtain clear, saturated colors which is achieved above all through raising the space