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DTF digital printing

DTF digital printing

DTF printing, or Direct to Film, is a relatively new printing technology of high quality and durability on textiles. DTF printing is an excellent alternative to DTG printing, thermal transfer or screen printing.

What does DTF marking look like? The printing process is quite simple. First, the graphics are printed on a special PET foil. Then, the print is covered with a special powder that works as glue, primer and activator at once. Such prepared foil is then placed on the fabric and heated up with a flat thermal press.

  • what you should know about DTF-printing?

  • 01

    Perfect for low- and medium-volume production, where a large number of colors is required, combined with high quality and durability of prints

  • 02

    DTF prints are relatively cheap and quick to produce compared to other printing methods

  • 03

    DTF printing is perfect for marking fabric in hard-to-reach places

  • 04

    DTF technology gives great opportunities to make cost-effective and fast multicolor thermal transfer prints of good quality and durability

  • 05

    It can be used on any type of clothing, regardless of the composition of the material, and in any place