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UV printing

UV printing

UV printing is one of the most modern techniques of marking advertising gadgets. The UV marking method allows to obtain expressive, intense colors that faithfully reproduce the graphics. The print is bright because it does not get absorbed or spread over the surface.

Where does the name UV come from? Liquid polymer inks are used in UV printing. Their tiny drops are sprayed on the material and then fixed with LED lamps emitting UV light. Thanks to the UV fixation, a thin layer of durable and resistant polymer remains on the material.

In feelgood! We most often use UV printing to mark pens, notebooks, lighters or crayons.

  • what you should know about UV-printing?

  • 01

    The printing is not suitable for use on raised / wavy objects - the possibility of marking only on any flat material

  • 02

    UV printing works great on glass, wood, PVC, metal, furniture boards, veneers, plexiglass and many others

  • 03

    UV printing ensures photo quality – the colors are bright, sharp and do not fade!

  • 04

    The print is very durable and resistant to abrasion. It is resistant to water, low temperatures or any other weather conditions.

  • 05

    The ability to print with white ink

  • 06

    UV printing is an environmentally friendly technique. UV inks are ecological, solvent-free paints that do not emit harmful substances or unpleasant odors