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Thermal transfer foils are also used for printing on difficult materials, e.g. complex composition or unusual functionality of clothing. We use this technology when marking umbrellas, jackets, soft-shells, bathing suits, or on waterproof or sublimated materials.

In the first stage of production, the foil is cut with a cutting plotter, thanks to which the print has sharp and clear edges. We recommend these technologies for simple, not complicated patterns and inscriptions.

We offer a wide variety of films: colored, metallic, fluff, silicone, glitter, multicolored, reflective, fluorescent, phosphorescent and 3D films.

Flock foil is a technique of thermal transfer that consists in applying a special foil to the fabric with a previously prepared design cut on a plotter. Flock can be made on sweatshirts, workwear, and sportswear, either natural or synthetic fabrics. The advantages of flock foil prints include vivid colors, a wide range of colors and resistance to sunlight. We make flock prints in the form of a writing, graphics or emblem.

Flex foil is a form of printing with a single-color foil, available in many colors and types. The film is transferred to the material by means of industrial presses using high temperature. Thanks to this, the print is very durable. In feelgood! flex foils with the following effects are available: glitter, gold and silver, matte, reflective.

  • what you should know about flock/flex?

  • 01

    Perfect for text, numbers and simple T-shirt graphics

  • 02

    Not suitable for multi-colored designs

  • 03

    Flock foils can be used to mark any type of material without exception

  • 04

    Flex foils can be used on any type of textiles: cotton, polyester, elastane and others.

  • 05

    The technological process of heating the foil is fast and ensures durability of the print

  • 06

    It is convenient to use in the case of marking places that are difficult to access, such as: gloves, sleeves, pockets, tents, tarpaulins