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Full sublimation

Full sublimation

Full sublimation is used to create a completely unique design. You don't have to worry about colors, layers or numbers. All clothing is personalized!

Sublimation is a garment marking process that transfers the dye to the fabric with heat. Images and graphics are printed on special paper which is placed on the garment and then heat-sealed into the fibers, thanks to which the ink becomes part of the fabric. As a result, the fabric breathes better and is soft to the touch.

Full-sublimation printing is the cheapest and the most effective way to make a full-color print on polyester fabrics and knitted fabrics. Other processes, such as silk-screen printing, thermal transfer and embroidery, do not produce the same result; moreover, they are more expensive, take longer or do not produce the same desired effect.

Sublimation printing is also the most environmentally friendly and sustainable coding process for sportswear - no water is needed for the sublimation process.

  • what you should know about full-sublimation?

  • 01

    Perfect for printing paintings, photographs or multicolored projects - the print has vivid and intense colors

  • 02

    Sublimation is best used with white or light colored fabrics, usually polyester or polyester blends

  • 03

    Sublimation printing does not crack, peel or fade

  • 04

    Full sublimation is a garment marking technique that provides full coverage of the entire product

  • 05

    Marking with the method of full sublimation means that the prints are never heavy or thick - the ink penetrates the fabric fibers