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Engraving is one of the most durable methods of marking advertising gadgets. This technique is based on gouging a previously prepared design with a CO2 or YAG laser. The durability of this method comes from the fact that the logotype is engraved in the material, and not applied to its surface as it is in the case of prints.

The engraved designs look very elegant and subtle at the same time. The color of the marking results from the base material on which the marking is made, which makes it an integral part of the product.

Laser engraving is best chosen when you need mono-colored decorations on: metal mugs, pens, advertising key rings or power banks.

  • what you should know about Engraving?

  • 01

    A modern and non-contact form of marking and personalizing items

  • 02

    Engraving is mainly used on metal objects. However, this method is also applicable to the marking of wooden and leather surfaces.

  • 03

    We most often engrave metal pens, key rings, wooden wine sets or leather products such as briefcases, wallets, etc.

  • 04

    Engraving is an extremely precise method - thanks to computer control the pattern is accurately reproduced.

  • 05

    Due to the indentation in the material, the marking is very resistant to external influences.

  • 06

    The laser power can be precisely controlled and the marking results are always accurately reproducible