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Pad printing

Pad printing

Pad printing, is the simplest and most common form of marking. It is based on applying the printing ink using a soft, smooth stamp called a tampon, or a pad. It is one of the most popular methods of marking, as it not only provides printing on various materials, shapes and formats, but also in many colors.

Marking with the pad printing method is used on most advertising gadgets, e.g. on pens, flash drives, power banks, thermal mugs or glass scrapers. With this technique, you can successfully mark objects of any shape and size.

  • what you should know about pad printing?

  • 01

    Possibility to print on many materials - plastic, metal, wood

  • 02

    Full design mapping

  • 03

    The method is perfect for marking many types of products.

  • 04

    The only limitation is the number of colors - usually it means no more than 4

  • 05

    Suitable for both low and high production volumes

  • 06

    Short realization time