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Additional services

Hangtags on a string or cord

Hangtags are decorative tags/labels attached to clothing, accessories or other corporate products. Hangtags highlight the qualities of products, make them stand out and inform about special offers. They can be used to identify limited editions and describe the uniqueness of a product. We will be happy to help you create tags that attract and hold your customers’ attention.

  • We make promotional hangtags in any colour, size and shape to best suit your idea and brand.
  • You can choose hangtags in a variety of shapes and sizes – including your own design
  • We print hangtags on canvas, cardboard or paper
  • We also produce embossing, gilding and silver plating 

You can use advertising hangtags for advertising, promotion and branding. They are all yours!

Additional services

Clothing tags

Do you need personalised tags? Count on us! We specialise in printing eye-catching clothing tags, perfectly tailored to your brand. We have been supporting both global and local brands for over 20 years. Whether you are a fashion brand, a niche merchandiser, a manufacturer of bags, shoes, backpacks or pet accessories – we will create unique product branding for you.

We print clothing tags in many sizes, colours and shapes. We will print anything you need for the marking and identification of clothing, textiles, accessories and footwear. We print:

  • sew-in labels,
  • patches, 
  • labels, 
  • tags,
  • jacquard tapes,
  • leather tags, 
  • 2D and 3D stickers, 
  • elastomers, 
  • seals, 
  • screen-printed applications

Printed clothing tags are cheap, durable and striking. Thanks to our high production capacity, we can rapidly produce even large print runs. In addition to their informative function (composition, maintenance method), garment tags can also contain barcodes, sizes or article numbers. We print sew-in labels using the thermal transfer or sublimation methods, depending on your preferences.

  • The thermal transfer method enables small orders with many variables (e.g. sizes, codes, numbers) to be processed quickly.
  • The sublimation technique provides the highest print quality. With it, you will receive tags containing multicolour designs, photographs and graphics with smooth tonal transitions.

As standard, you receive professional advice, excellent workmanship and fast turnaround times. We are happy to create clothing tags for you, finished with attention to detail.

Additional services

Labels/cardboard tags

Cardboard tags allow you to describe, distinguish and label your products. Thanks to product tags, you will attract the attention of your customers and stand out from the competition. You can order the printing of tags as well as the service of attaching them to clothing. 

We print product tags whose quality you can not only see, but also feel under your fingers. We will print them exactly the way you want them. We can put your logo, brand or product description on them, as well as barcodes, QR codes and much more. They are all yours!

Do you want to save time? Take advantage of our clothing tagging service. We will tailor the attachment method to your needs and type of products. We attach the tags precisely, e.g. with safety pins, staples or special clips. The result? A precisely marked, consistent collection that wins the hearts of your customers.

Additional services

Rubber and embroidered sew-in labels

You can order the production as well as sewing of rubber and embroidered patches from us. We use selected materials so that the patches are durable and striking. We make patches in any shape, size and colour and add selected details.

We produce rubber patches in any shape, colour and size, with the option of adding logos, inscriptions or patterns to emphasise the uniqueness of your products. Rubber patches are the perfect solution e.g. for marking handbags, backpacks, caps, bags or other items of clothing.

Embroidered patches are perfect for marking premium brand products and limited editions. We make the patches from durable embroidery threads in the colours of your choice. We can even make precise designs and inscriptions, highlighting the uniqueness of your products. Embroidered patches are ideal for marking clothes, bags and towels. By choosing our patches, you will emphasise the prestige of your products and the attention to detail.

Additional services

Zipper pulls

Add uniqueness to your products with personalised zipper pulls. Whether you prefer an elegant sheen, a sporty style or a touch of madness, we have the pulls to match your products. Personalised pulls emphasise the attention to detail and uniqueness of your brand.

We make zipper pulls in a variety of materials, colours and shapes to emphasise the character of your brand. We can make metal, plastic or rubber pulls. We personalise each one according to your idea. Zipper pulls work well for marking clothes, handbags, backpacks, travel bags, footwear and much more. Zipper pulls are an eye-catching detail that will dot the i’s of your products.

Additional services

Self-adhesive EAN stickers

We provide a garment marking service with EAN codes and other data so you can mark your products in no time. We’ll ensure that every item in your collection gets a tailored, precise marking that complies with industry standards. Our stickers are ideal for marking cotton, leather or polyester garments. They are also suitable for the e-commerce industry, serving as packaging labels for individual products.

We use state-of-the-art printing technology to provide clear and permanent markings on a variety of materials. Self-adhesive EAN stickers enable precise tracking and identification, resulting in better inventory management, sales monitoring and effective production planning.

With our self-adhesive EAN stickers, you can be sure that your products will have clear and legible markings. This facilitates identification and tracking throughout the supply chain, minimising the risk of errors and discrepancies. EAN markings also allow your products to be more easily recognised in the marketplace, which contributes to a positive image for your brand.

Additional services

Wszywanie/wypruwanie metek

We also take care of the precise removing and sewing of internal and external tags. Accurate tag removal allows you to safely change branding and update data. We ensure precise removal and sewing of tags so that the fabric is not damaged.

The tag sewing/removing service is particularly appreciated by the fashion industry – both for branded collections and emerging merchandise. 

  • Tag removal is essential when rebranding, refreshing collections or when adapting markings to regulatory regulations. We know how to remove tags without damaging the fabric or leaving unsightly marks.
  • Tag sewing allows you to refresh logos, sizing or other markings. We sew labels onto both the inside and outside of garments.

If you want to be sure that your collection is in good hands, you are in the right place. We know what to do to make labels eye-catching, professional and in line with the latest trends and brand needs.

Additional services


Remaking, or relabelling, allows existing labels to be replaced with new ones without damaging the material. Relabelling is indispensable in the case of rebranding, new markings or buying clothes from a manufacturer without labels. It’s a great solution for both large chains and original niche merch. 

Our sewing room performs relabelling on all kinds of garments, from shirts and blouses to bags and jackets. We sew in labels with a new logo, brand name, model number, EAN codes, washing instructions and other information – depending on your preferences. We make a variety of labels, precisely sewing them into the desired places. 

We have been doing remarking for years for both global brands and local creators – we would be happy to do it for your company too.

Additional services

Manual and automatic packing

With the right packaging, you not only mark but also protect your products from damage during storage, transport and shipping. We carry out both manual packing, tailored to unique projects, and automatic packing – ideal for large collections. With a packing service, you save time, minimise the risk of damage and deliver your products to your customers in perfect condition.

  • Manual packing is handled by our experienced staff, carefully packing each piece. We handle both the packing of products in sacks (usually biodegradable) and cartons or bulk boxes. We can precisely arrange the products in the packaging and add labels, leaflets or other branding elements. We can also freely mark the product packaging and add inserts and fillers. With manual packing, you will receive a precisely completed shipment, ready to win the hearts of your customers.
  • Automatic packing is carried out using advanced, precisely programmed packaging machines, making the process fast and accurate. We will adapt the packaging to different shapes, sizes and numbers of products. Automatic packing allows you to significantly reduce production costs, which is particularly important for large runs. It allows you to quickly secure your products, making storage and shipping easier.
Additional services

Preparing colour separation in screen printing

Do you like screen printing but don’t know if you can handle the colour separation? We understand that, which is why we are happy to provide support in file preparation and printing of your designs. 

How does it work? First, our graphic designers check your files and, if necessary, suggest the optimum colours, resolution, details and file format. Then, depending on the desired number of colours, we create a separation that is ideal for screen printing. We will help you prepare separations that represent each colour and help you adjust your files to achieve a detailed print with vibrant colours.

Do you want to enhance your prints? We will be happy to help you prepare colour separations using special effects. We screen print with a range of inks that produce unique effects, including 3D, iridescent, metallic, crystalline, puff or gel inks. 

If you want to save time and be confident about the final result, we will be happy to help you. You can count on our full support at every stage of the work. With our many years of experience, we are at your disposal.

Additional services

Preparing files for embroidery software

Do you need support in preparing your files for computer embroidery? We will be happy to make your work easier by advising you on the optimum file format for your embroidery software.

File preparation involves converting graphics into a format that can be used for embroidery using special embroidery software. This process involves converting the graphics into a format that embroidery machines can understand, allowing them to automatically read and accurately reproduce the design on the fabric.

By using our expertise, you will save time and gain confidence that the embroidery you order will meet your expectations. Using our support, you will avoid unpleasant surprises and wasted time and stress. What can we do for you?

  • We transform graphics into a special design for computer embroidery. We process your design so that it takes into account the type of stitch and the thickness of the embroidery. To put it briefly: we do all we can to ensure that your idea is accurately reproduced on the embroidery machine.
  • We optimise the parameters of the file and the design, matching it to the specific embroidery machine. We will advise you on the best print size, number of colours, and stitch, taking into account the design and the best capabilities of the particular model.
  • We make a test print of your design so that we can give you certainty as to the effect. A test print on the computer embroidery machine will give us confidence that your file is well prepared and that the embroidery looks exactly as you expect.
Additional services

Sorting and packaging

We also take care of the sorting, packing and packaging of your products. We arrange, mark, secure and combine them into packages. We can sort your products in any way you like – e.g. by design, size or colour. Do you want to personalise your products? No problem, we can label each item as you wish and add leaflets, freebies or catalogues. We will package the whole thing exactly the way you want it. 

What can we do for you?

  • We sort your products
  • We add labels
  • We wrap them in foil
  • We mark the products – e.g. with hangtags or barcodes
  • We add samples and freebies – e.g. with ribbons, adhesives or sticky pastes
  • We combine products according to selected criteria

We take care of the entire packing and packaging process, which saves our customers a lot of time and money. When you order packaging for your products, you do not have to worry about production and storage space or staff costs. You can rest assured that we will pack and secure your products, as well as accurately sort and prepare them for shipping. We have been comprehensively organising and packaging products for the most demanding customers in Europe for many years. We are happy to share our knowledge and show you how we can make your job easier.

They deliver dedicated projects, great and professional customer service. I really appreciate their individual approach to each project
They deliver dedicated projects, great and professional customer service. I really appreciate their individual approach to each project
For me, the greatest value of priontON.it is receiving a cost estimate almost immediately and a narrowed down group of products with matching printing technologies. This helps me to complete orders more efficiently
 - thesign.digital
For me, the greatest value of priontON.it is receiving a cost estimate almost immediately and a narrowed down group of products with matching printing technologies. This helps me to complete orders more efficiently
It’s great that we came across feelgood.pl, as it lets us order merchandise for our restaurant in peace and quiet at the end of the working day.
 - Akita Ramen
It’s great that we came across feelgood.pl, as it lets us order merchandise for our restaurant in peace and quiet at the end of the working day.


Fast and convenient

At feelgood.pl, you order printed garments online from anywhere 365/7/24!

  • configure your product in 5 minutes and receive a cost estimate
  • place your order quickly and conveniently
  • upload the necessary files and we will prepare your visualisation
  • you will receive assistance in the selection of products and technology
  • we will suggest other products and printing technology if you need dedicated solutions


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