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We have been helping to organize our clients' businesses for over 25 years. All our prints go through strict quality control, so our customers receive products that meet or exceed their expectations. Simply order your prints and we will take care of the rest.

printing techniques

Screen printing

Screen printing is a printing technology that allows us to create effective, durable and expressive prints on both natural and synthetic fabrics. It is perfect for marking advertising clothing and personalized original merch. The main advantage of screen printing is its ability to reproduce details well and impressive colors that persist even after many washes.

The screen printing method involves passing the paint through a slightly stretched screen on which an appropriate matrix has previously been made. This matrix consists of small holes that correspond to the pattern we want to obtain in the print. It is worth knowing that in the case of screen printing, each color of the print requires a separate matrix. During screen printing, the paint is applied to the matrix and then evenly distributed on the fabric located under the screen. In this way, we create subsequent layers of colors until the desired effect is achieved.

We use carefully selected paints, including those that allow you to achieve special effects - e.g. metallization, fluorescence, 3D effect or a unique, convex texture. Additionally, we use appropriate drying techniques to ensure that the paint adheres precisely to the fabric and ensures the durability of the print. Effect? Intriguing, original prints that have something special!

Before printing, we first carefully check the design, materials and printing screens. We also make a test print to ensure the final effect. We precisely control the thickness of the paint layer, the accuracy of workmanship and the correctness of color reproduction.

Manual screen printing is perfect for large quantities or printing high-quality products, such as limited editions of T-shirts, jackets, backpacks, sweatshirts or hats. We perform screen printing on advertising, sports, individual and corporate clothing and textiles. Screen printing is perfect for printing projects where color intensity is crucial.

Thanks to screen printing technology, we create unique and precise prints, both monochromatic and multicolored (up to 10 colors). It is worth noting that each color requires a separate personalized matrix, which is why screen printing is most profitable for large and medium volumes.

  • Print: very durable, impressive, accurate, resistant to fading and damage
  • Colors: up to 10
  • Special paints: including: plastisol, glitter, metalized, water, reflective, fluo, gel, puff/3D, high density, sugar, crystalina
  • Material: any fabric
  • Circulation: the most profitable high circulation
  • Printing precision: good

Most often used for printing: T-shirts, sportswear, sweaters, jackets, bags, backpacks, overalls, trousers, flags, banners, nets, armbands.

printing techniques


Sublimation is a printing technique that uses the process of direct transfer of paint from the solid state to the gaseous state, bypassing the liquid state. Thanks to this, the gaseous paint penetrates directly into the structure of the fabric (usually polyester), permanently embedding itself in the material. A huge advantage of sublimation printing is the ability to obtain prints with excellent detail, vivid colors and smooth gradients. Moreover, sublimation is the only printing technique that is not noticeable on the material - the prints are soft to the touch and imperceptible under the fingers.

The sublimation printing process begins with applying a graphic design to special sublimation paper. Special sublimation paints contain dyes that turn into a gas under the influence of high temperature. The printed transfer paper is placed on the material, creating a so-called "sandwich". When heated in a heat press, the sublimation ink turns into a gaseous state and its particles penetrate the structure of the fabric. When the temperature drops, the sublimation ink returns to a solid state, creating a durable and saturated color. print. This process allows the print to be permanently incorporated into the fabric fibers, which ensures excellent durability and resistance to fading.

It is worth noting that sublimation printing has some limitations in terms of substrate type. The best results are obtained on materials with a high polyester content in white. Attempts to use sublimation on colored materials do not always bring satisfactory results, so we recommend using this technique mainly on white substrates.

Sublimation prints are distinguished by exceptional detail reproduction and smooth color transitions. This technique allows you to reproduce even the most complex patterns, photographs or logos while maintaining the smallest details. Moreover, sublimation prints have a smooth finish, which makes them comfortable to wear.

Sublimation printing is used in various industries, such as sportswear, advertising, fashion and utility textiles. Thanks to their extraordinary precision and durability, sublimation prints are often used on T-shirts, sweatshirts, swimsuits, towels and other promotional gadgets. If you are looking for advertising prints that will blend into the material and survive every wash - the sublimation technique is for you. Thanks to advanced technologies and the experience of our team, we will provide you with sublimation prints that will fully express your vision.

  • Print: very durable, "embedded" in the material, resistant to fading and damage
  • Colors: any
  • Material: white polyester
  • Circulation: the most profitable high circulation
  • Printing precision: very good

Most often used for printing: T-shirts, sportswear, bags, backpacks.

printing techniques

Computer embroidery

Computer embroidery is one of the most effective and durable methods of decorating textiles, which has its roots in traditional embroidery. Thanks to automation and adaptation to the clothing and advertising market, computer embroidery became available also for large quantities. Thanks to the latest programs and machines, computer embroidery is not only effective, but also very durable. We use original software and compatible Tajima machines. Thanks to this, we create precise, multi-colored embroidery that will serve you or your customers for many years.

Computer embroidery allows you to apply up to 16 full colors. In addition, we have a large selection of threads - from classic to shiny, neon and 3D threads. We also make embroidery using special fire-resistant threads, which are perfect for marking company or work clothes.

Computer embroidery is particularly effective when decorating T-shirts, sweatshirts or advertising bags. Clothing decorated with computer embroidery looks prestigious and unique, and thanks to durable threads, it will retain durability and color intensity for a long time.

If you are looking for precise and durable computer embroidery, you are in the best place. We work with passion and take care of every detail. We will be happy to transform your ideas into products that intrigue and delight your audience.

  • Print: very precise, durable, attractive
  • Colors: up to 16 colors
  • Special threads: classic, shiny, neon, convex, fireproof
  • Material: no very hard materials (and leather)
  • Circulation: the most profitable high circulation
  • Printing precision: good

Most often used for printing: shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, advertising bags.

printing techniques

Thermal transfer

Thermal transfer technique ensures precise printing in any color and with faithful reproduction of every detail. Thermal transfer prints are resistant to mechanical damage, fading and abrasion - so they will serve you or your customers for many years.

Thermal transfer printing is cost-effective for both low and high volumes - providing great value for money. If you need promotional clothing with photographic print quality, in any quantity, thermal transfer printing will be the best choice.

Thermal transfer prints allow you to obtain any color with exceptional printing detail, also on the edges. Thanks to this, you can create unique patterns, e.g. on T-shirts, advertising bags, sweatshirts or jackets - individual or corporate. Thermal transfer advertising prints ensure photographic quality and high image durability. They are perfect for marking advertising, utility and work clothing. They are also widely used by the clothing, fashion and artistic industries. Thanks to this technology, you can transfer any image, inscription, pattern or gradient onto the material. Effect? Impressive prints with razor-sharp colors and edges.

What does the thermal transfer printing process look like? First, we apply the design to the transfer substrate using screen printing or digital technology, then we heat it into the target substrate using a thermal press.

  • Print: very precise, durable, attractive
  • Colors: any, including CMYK
  • Material: smooth, medium weight
  • Print run: profitable for both small and large print runs
  • Printing precision: very good

Most often used for printing: T-shirts and sweatshirts, sportswear, advertising bags.


How do I prepare my files?

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More about printing technologies and how to prepare your design files can be found in our WorkBook, you can download it here

If you are looking for personalised products or need dedicated printing technologies, write us or call us. We will prepare an offer especially for you! Use the contact form.