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Bulk breaking & packaging

Bulk breaking & packaging

Due to the high demand of our customers and the market, we have introduced professional confectioning and packaging services.

Each product ordered in our company, at the customer's request, can be confectioned in order to protect the clothes from getting dirty. We also offer our clients individual packaging, i.e. segregating the ordered clothing according to size, color, etc.

Tasks accompanying packaging include:

  • sorting,
  • labeling,
  • foiling,
  • applying appropriate markings - e.g. barcodes,
  • adding freebies, samples using glue drops, tapes, adhesives,
  • combining products into sets.

Advantages of product confectioning:

  • Minimization of costs - confectioning of products by an external company reduces the overall costs related to hiring of employees and the costs of renting production and warehouse space.
  • Extra time - by commissioning our company to pack, you gain time that you can spend on other activities related to the development of your brand.
  • Faster and more economical solution - we fully deal with the entire process.

For many years, we have been delivering packages and sets prepared in this way to the most demanding customers in Europe.

Contact us and we will advise you on the appropriate form of packaging to optimize costs and at the same time create a unique product that meets customer expectations.